Thalassotherapy: global body care (physical, physiological, psychological) in a healthy and comfortable environment, using natural sea-related resources:

  • The marine climate and its pure air charged with ions,
  • Seawater, the richest mineral water thanks to the diversity of the elements it contains and
  • Algae, veritable reservoirs of trace elements, proteins, vitamins.

The objectives

  • Regulate all body systems,
  • Reduce or stop the progression of certain diseases of the musculo-skeletal system and relieve or eliminate pain. The provision of minerals and trace elements compensates for deficiencies.
  • Massages and deep hydro massages detoxify tissues (relieve inflammation) and release tension on the joints (less wear = less degeneration).
  • Blood circulation is stimulated (improved cellular nutrition and elimination).
  • Establish a state of sustainable well-being through the combination of hydrotherapy, beauty / cosmetic treatments and advice for a healthy lifestyle.Thalassotherapy, through the positive stimuli experienced by the body (cutaneous, visual, auditory, olfactory or gustatory if nutrition is part of plan) teaches the body to relax by disabling defense mechanisms.

Comprehensive care at Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo:


  • Attentive to customer needs, advice
  • Sensory pleasures
  • Beauty care
  • Body Harmony


  • Provision of regulating elements
  • Improving elimination
  • Reactivation of sensory nerve pathways
  • Care and improvement of the body’s interface organ: the skin


  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved resilience
  • gain in articular range

Nowadays, thalassotherapy is a global concept of a seawater spa based on:

  • Hydrotherapy treatments in seawater,
  • Massage and
  • Beauty treatments using marine cosmetics.
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

A thalassotherapy center is an establishment dedicated to health, well-being, beauty and slimming all in one place. First used for its therapeutic benefits, thalassotherapy is now oriented towards a holistic approach to well-being.

THERMES MARINS : Thalasso & Spa

Thermes Marins de Saint Malo are the thalasotherapy specialists. They have a lot of experience in:

  • Health
  • Well-being – relaxation
  • Beauty
  • Slimming

They now offer a product focused on one of these areas or a combination depending on the demand.

THERMES MARINS thalasso centers are establishments that use thalassotherapy techniques designed by Thermes Marins de Saint Malo, their treatment protocols and cosmetic products. But each site is unique and tailored to the local environment; their offer varies depending on their target audience.