Aquatonic® Pool


This is a luxurious spa pool designed for relaxation, well-being and fitness:

An aquatic labyrinth incorporating specific water massage zones: jet bath, currents and counter-currents, bubble baths, counter-current walking zones, showers which treat different body parts by different intensity and positioning of shower jets.


  • The Aquatonic® Pool is a THERMES MARINS DE SAINT MALO invention (patented design) which resides in the best spas in the world, the name is a registered trademark in many countries.
  • The first course was created in 1987 in Saint-Malo (at Thermes Marins de Saint Malo Thalassotherapy Center).

Water Zones

  • The course is composed of several pools of 28°C to 34°C that include jet baths, air jets, shower massage loungers / chairs, etc. – which massage different parts of the body by different shower intensity and positioning.
  • The intensity of the jets and the different water temperatures are designed to provide beneficial effects on the body. Aquatonic ® has a beneficial effect on muscle tone and blood circulation.
  • It activates the metabolism and provides deep relaxation of body and mind.

Plan des bassin de l'Aquatonic

  1. Leg geysers : 31°
  2. Counter-current walk-through : 31°
  3. Water seats : 31°
  4. Standing jets : 31°
  5. Swan-neck showers : 31°
  6. Bubble Bath : 34°
  7. Hydro-jet pool : 34°
  8. Aquatonic column
  9. Water loungers : 34°
  10. Pool : 28°
  11. Swimming Pool : 31°
  12. Steam bath


    • The Aquatonic ® works either with fresh water (urban day spas) or seawater (thalassotherapy centers, marine spas).
    • The Aquatonic ® Pool is an original concept that attracts a wide range of customers, from young people to seniors, and perfectly integrates with:
      • hotels
      • well-being centers (thalasso centers, spa, etc..)
      • luxury residences, fitness centers, etc..


Each Aquatonic ® pool is designed specifically for each site and particular attention is paid to its integration within the local area, architecture and environment.

The course offers a number of varied water zones on a pool area of 140m² to over 600m². Average pool area is 350m².

The benefits of the Aquatonic® pool

  • Physical relaxation, sense of well-being, relaxes muscle tension.
  • Mental relaxation and sense of inner balance, you give yourself time to relax and escape routine.
  • Impression of lightness and joint relief due to water pressure
  • Invigorating effect of warm water, relaxing effect from hot water
  • Stimulates the senses
  • Pain relief through pressure and friction
  • Improved blood circulation due to hydrostatic pressure and the draining and massaging effects of the jets
  • Local stimulation of the metabolism
  • Stimulation of the immune system

The Aquatonic ® Pool is a great moment of fun and relaxation.

Competitive Advantage

It contributes to the high-end positioning of an establishment in which it is integrated and differentiates it from competition.

  • Original, perfect for a world where the demand for well-being and relaxation is on the increase
  • Different from other spa offers (new experience, high-end, significant visual effect, innovative)
  • You benefit from the strong “Aquatonic ®” brand located in some of the most beautiful spas in France and the world.
    •  In France, our reputation is based on Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, Aquatonic® Spa Rennes St-Grégoire and Paris Val d’Europe: customers = more than 100,000 customers per year in France.
    • At an international level, the pool has gained clients on five continents with 7 Aquatonic® pools built to date = More than 200 000 clients per year worldwide.
  • This reputation is supported by plenty of communication and press relations by the group and its partners in France and abroad.
  • Hotels: increasing the attractiveness of the hotel improves its occupancy rate.
  • It is suitable for customers of all ages, or almost (“7-77 years old”):
    • Young Customers: in search of well-being (day spa experience), tone (pool)
    • Senior Customers: baby boomers

Different types of customers:

  • Tourists
  • Locals or Visiting
  • Vouchers
  • Business or seminar
  • Event-driven, with the possibility using the pool for private functions
  • Athletes

It completes the offer for individual treatments through relaxation in water and makes your offer more original compared to the competition. It is the perfect complement to a spa: Sana Per Aqua (health from water): SPA.