Technical Services


To date, 10 Thermes Marins® and Spa Aquatonic® centers worldwide were designed by our team and rely on our expertise and our reputation.

The design stage involves the creation of a technical file:


  • Perfect integration at the site in question.
  • Particular attention to the constraints of client flow and operating constraints.

Technical Plans & Technical details log:

  • Compliance with specific dimensions for the height and location of shower jets and other equipment.
  • An ad hoc filtration system and diagrams.
  • Systems and plans for installing equipment and materials.
  • Material recommendations.

Equipment :

An Aquatonic® pool requires the use of specific equipment suitable to water flow control (pumps, turbines, venturi effects, nozzles …) but also equipment for comfort (seats, loungers, waterfalls, handrails…) .

The proportions and selection of necessary equipment is a key to installing an Aquatonic® pool.