Thalasso-Spa Treatments

Performing a treatment implies a synergy of human, material and immaterial means, or resources.

schema expertise

These resources should strive for one goal: the effectiveness of the treatment experienced by the client.

  • Facilities: adequate treatment room size, equipment adapted to needs, cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Treatments: They are the result of prior training. They must adapt to the environment and the client’s perception of the treatment.
  • Interpersonal skills: This is the human aspect of the treatment, the therapist must create a feeling of exchange and a relationship of trust must be established.
  • Ambience: Should be created only to generate positive stimuli (lighting, scents, music, beauty of the surroundings), all interference must be avoided.
  • Products: they must be accessible and adapted to the protocols and the client.

The hydrotherapy or “water therapy”


“The subtle harmony of strength and gentleness.”

Besides its wealth in minerals and trace elements, seawater offers many beneficial effects when used in multiple hydro massage techniques. A succession of treatments, from the gentlest to the most intense, active or passive, provide a new regenerating equilibrium to all body parts.

5 exclusive THERMES MARINS treatment protocols

Algotherapy (seaweed treatments):

 “The quintessence of the marine environment”

After having concentrated multiple minerals and trace elements throughout its aquatic life, seaweed renders its riches… It takes the form of a gentle, aromatic and remineralizing cream that is applied to the entire body. The comfort and distinctive ambiance of this treatment make it a unique, multi-sensory experience.

One treatment protocol is proposed

Water activities

 “Movement is life”

The water is particularly suited to movement. Without body weight, muscles and joints are used more efficiently.  Various accessories (weights, floats, paddles, etc..) can be used to vary exercises and make them more fun. Water activities are inseparable from the concept of “global fitness.”

6 diverse and varied treatment protocols are proposed

Beauty care products

For over half a century, the Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, excel in thalassotherapy & Spa treatments for health, well-being, beauty and relaxation.

This expertise, combined with the benefits of the sea and algae, has given rise to a skincare product line.


The result of voyages, encounters, research, sharing of experiences and years of practice around well-being, cosmetics and treatment rituals, Thermes Marins Saint Malo propose:

  • 41 retail references (Face, Body & Bath)
  • 60 professional references
  • More than 30 exclusive treatment protocols (face, body, modelages etc.)..

Protocol technicalities & protocol methodology constitution

A Spa brand, Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo take honor in providing comprehensive treatments that are effective and comforting, that combine product effectiveness with elaborated treatment movements.

To do this we have a group of experts composed of:

  • Spa managers,
  • Product managers,
  • Marketing managers &
  • Instructors meet regularly to share experiences and develop new innovative and original treatment protocols!

A veritable laboratory of ideas, the Spa des Thermes lets us test all our products & protocols several weeks before launching them.

Several educational tools (training manuals, training videos etc..) are developed & are available to teams.

Transmission of expertise

Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo attach a great deal of importance to the training of its beauty therapists, the ambassadors of our expertise, exclusive treatments techniques & skincare products. The standards at Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo make it one of the most distinguished centers in France.

In addition to their own spas in France, Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo share this excellence with their Spa partners across the globe through a demanding and ambitious training program which is followed-up by regular evaluations of knowledge and practices.

Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo, owners and managers of Spas in France, have become the well-informed and beneficial partner to the most demanding Spas

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