Training Services

Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo attach a great deal of importance to the training of their hydrotherapists and beauticians, the ambassadors of our savoir-faire, exclusive treatments techniques and skincare products. Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo standards make them one of the most distinguished centers in France.

Typical Thermes Marins de Saint-Malo training program

  • Theoretical training
  • Technical training (protocol), completed by environmental management (unit, products, customer).
  • Treatment rehearsals
  • Planning rehearsals (+ multitasking).

Instructor Training

There are four types of mission:

  • Staff training (Beauty, Hydrotherapy, Reception/Welcome, Technique).
  • Instructor Training (2nd degree).
  • Evaluation of “expertise”.
  • The audit.

2nd degree training is the training of staff who will be responsible for their center and who will train their own teams.

A Reminder of the instructor’s mission

  • The instructor is responsible for establishing operational, versatile teams, perfectly skilled in the treatments and their effects.
  • The instructor understands the organization of training sessions and the time required perform them.
  • A training session is only validated when all treatment protocols are understood by heart, perfectly applied with the right movements in the right place, the right amount of pressure at the right time.
  • The instructor should spend time on theoretical training, namely treatment effects, the skincare products used, why certain water temperatures, pressure jets are used, they should understand anatomy and certain pathologies and be able to adapt the treatments in consequence.
  • Training must also address the subject of preparatory work, namely treatment room organization, making sure equipment works properly, checking the water temperature, making sure all necessary equipment and products are available.
  • Each training session should be performed with exactly the same protocols at all sessions. It is therefore essential that instructors constantly question themselves to be perfect under all circumstances.
  • The role of instructor is not only to train new therapists to the different treatment protocols, but also to conduct regular audits and upgrades for existing teams.


In terms of personnel management, multi-tasking makes it possible to build a schedule in function of needs without worrying about skills.
In France, many hydrotherapists are also beauticians, the reverse is not so.
We recommend our clients hire staff with this in mind.

Think “optimization” when creating

Setting up management software for your center is usually at the bottom of the list of priorities and yet, the effectiveness of this type of tool essentially depends on the resources and methods that are used.

Therefore it is necessary for:

  • Versatility of the units and personnel.
  • The grouping of geographical units.
  • The Duration of activities (including: dressing and undressing of the client, the cleaning and reorganizing of the unit and equipment, the supply of consumables and client and therapist transfer).

Adapted educational material is made available to teams

  • A theoretical course and a product presentation have been developed detailing the line’s active ingredients, technical sheets for the products etc…
  • Practical training, over time, needs “paper” support or videos for reference.
  • On our “paper” protocols, the movements should be easily identifiable, with illustrations showing, for example, the direction of the movements.